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How One Woman Got Out of $187,000 In Personal Debt

Millions of americans feel stuck under a mountain of debt and think there is know way out. But in this wonderful interview, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Inspired Insider finds out how one woman crawled out from under $187,000 in personal debt.

Simone Milasas, author of Joy Of Business, takes us through her journey in and out of debt. Watch this video and learn the 5 things you can do do get out of debt once and for all.

Simone talks about some important tools that helped her get out of debt, including some tools on how to assess what you owe, her relationship with money, her struggle with drugs, and other personal insights. This is a must-watch.

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One comment

  1. 1

    good for you simone.

    thanks for your honesty. and, inspiration.

    ask an aussie-greek though what ‘kamaki’ really means in greek. 😉

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