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5 Reasons To Love the Motif Investing Platform

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Motif Investing is a hot new trading platform that allows you to invest a portfolio of stocks centered around an idea or belief, called Motifs. MSNBC ranked Motif Investing #4 on their “Disruptor 50” list, and with good reason. Here are X things we absolutely love about Motif Investing.

“Motifs” are great ideas!

The concept of being able to pick a portfolio of 20-30 stocks based on the ideas they represent is a great idea. It kind of makes you wonder why you didn’t think of that yourself. The Motif team is full of experts who analyze all sorts of trends and ideas and group them into motifs (“Social Media” or “Chinese Internet” or “Modern Warfare” are examples of motifs). All you have to do is browse the list and select the ones you like.

Making a trade is cheap and there are no management fees

With most self-serve trading platforms there is typically a flat price per trade that ranges from $5 to $10. With Motif Investing you just pay $9.95 per motif you buy. Since each Motif has about 20-30 stocks, that would usually cost you $100-$300 to trade through a traditional self-serve platform. And since you manage your own motifs, there are no ongoing management fees. The combined savings of low trade costs and no fees will add quite a bit to your overall returns.

Motifs are 100% customizable

Each motif gives you a historical performance of that motif. You can customize the balance of the motif and see how that would have impacted historical performance. You can also read comments from others about that motif or chime in yourself.

You can create your own motifs (and earn royalties)

If you have a knack for picking stocks you can create your own motif and share it with others. When other people invest in that motif you will earn royalties!

There’s a low account minimum ($250)

Motif Investing has a very low minimum account balance of $250. That means you can buy a motif of 20-30 stocks for just $250. The really neat thing is motif allows you to own partial shares of stocks, so you can invest in motifs with stocks that may otherwise be out of your price range.

You can get up to $150 free when you open your account (expires 12/31/14)

You can sign up to Motif Investing for free now and get up to $150 bonus in your account (on accounts opened with a minimum of $2,000 and 5 trades). Happy investing!

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